Websters Beacon Corner store is more then a gas station . Situated conveniently on the corner of Hwy 60 and 35 Websters provides all the conveniences you need on your trip to the cottage or camping.

A popular coffee shop for take out or stay in and enjoy the free high speed internet. Toasted and cold fresh deli sandwiches are served everyday with a rotating menu that combine innovation with tradition ( see our posts for many of our popular choices offered).
Websters also has fresh pizzas for take out and slices served every lunch.

Websters is a one stop providing the only local lottery station, phone cards, ATM, gifts and gift cards plus scoop ice cream in the summer.

If no one else has it in our area chances are we do. Combine all of this with friendly welcoming staff and we can quickly become your favourite stop year round.

I believe this is a pic of one of our many sandwich selections! What a great way to promote our amazing local businesses! 🌼 Lake of Bays Passport to Spring! […]

Websters Beacon Your toilet paper head quarters lol! Source

We are still open and here for all Our customers . We have pizza and lunch and hot dinners for those who can’t eat out but don’t want to cook. […]

Update: After careful consideration we at the Beacon have decided to reduce our hours to help save expenses as less people are travelling around needing our services, protect our staff […]

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If your stuck at home and bored why not give some Of your favourite businesses a shout out. We already appreciate our amazing customers For all our nominations. Feeling so […]

As I watch more and more visitors enter our community I realize how little people understand what this virus is about. What I do know is I can no longer […]

Well it’s been an interesting week but I’m still here providing all The services that make us ..well us! Today for lunch we have Baked Lasagna , ribs, peppercorn peameal […]

I am still here. I feel bad for the shorter hours but know my staff are safe and so am I and so are my customers. I think this community […]

After a fairly stressful day and unloading stock and just plain exhausted I found this and my day turned around instantly! To whoever the angel is that left This moment […]

Another delivery of fresh steaks , chicken , bacon, deli meat and fresh fruit and vegetables ( and a few magazines for boredom). Our amazing customers and friends stuck in […]

New shipment of fresh fruit and vegetables have arrived! Call Us if you need anything. You can also email us at islandsmom72@gmail.com and we can deliver to you anywhere is […]

Another amazing delivery of fresh fruit has arrived. Excellent pricing and extremely fresh! Drop By or email me if we can help you get what your family needs. My private […]